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MCD Groin Guard RON Series
MCD Groin Guard RON Series
MCD Groin Guard RON Series
MCD Groin Guard RON Series
MCD Groin Guard RON Series
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MCD Groin Guard RON Series


If you’re an adult who trains Muay-Thai kickboxing, taekwondo, or any combat sport for that matter, you’ll always have to worry about the infamous groin shot. MCD RON Abdo guard serves as a protector for the abdomen and a jockstrap for the groin. Made with Cowhide leather, the interior is injected with shock dispersing foam while the inner design ensures space to conveniently place a cup. The double-layered closed-cell foam accompanied by a hard shell plastic cup combats fast traveling molecules from affecting your vital regions. The Special Quick-EZ hook and loop make this protector easy to apply and is extremely comfortable to use. (CUP NOT INCLUDED)

  • Handcrafted with original Cowhide leather for long-lasting life and durability EVA Foam technology dissipates the force of shock upon impact, efficiently guarding the vital areas such as the groin and kidneys.
  • Double layered closed-cell foam with hard shell plastic cup does away with unfortunate shots to the region
  • Handy cup compartment which allows you to use additional cups for double the security
  • Ergonomically designed shape for the best fit and comfort during training with a compartment to conveniently place a groin cup (CUP NOT INCLUDED)
  • Warranty: MCD Sports is known for creating top-quality products that guarantee customer satisfaction. If there is any problem or you don't like the product, you can contact the seller for a solution, return, Refund and replacement.

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