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MCD Duffle Bag
MCD Duffle Bag
MCD Duffle Bag
MCD Duffle Bag
MCD Duffle Bag
MCD Duffle Bag
MCD Duffle Bag
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MCD Duffle Bag

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Lightweight, Yet Durable

Made of 100% nylon, the MCD duffel bag weighs only about a

Pound, yet it offers exceptional strength. With a capacity of up to 40 pounds,

the durable nylon duffel bag offers a go-to solution for transporting large



With large interior space, the Large Duffel Bag offers

the capacity of a trunk, but without the hard sides and weight. It's trunk-like

the shape ensures maximum efficiency plenty of room for storing items and no wasted

opportunities like with round corners.

Even more, the duffel bag comes with a zippered interior

pocket for safely stashing smaller items like keys, while its exterior storage

pocket offers convenient access to last-minute items like tickets, itineraries,

and more.

Great for Travel or Storage

Large Duffel Bag to transport personal items when

traveling, sending kids off to summer camp or college, or simply storing

sporting gear, seasonal clothing, or other supplies at home. When not in use,

the duffel bag folds into a flat, compact size, taking up minimal space on a

shelf or in a closet. 

  • Durable Material- The backpack is made up of 600D Nylon with

Extra-grippy fabric. One re-designed Side Pocket to hold your water bottle,

notebooks, passport, headphones, etc. The front zipped pocket can hold your

gadgets. Use high-density nylon and extra grippy fabric to make your gadgets

safe and sound in any case of tragedy. Comfortable back design with adjustable

Padded straps for support give you maximum back support.

  • Extensive Capacity-Sports travel backpack includes independent

Pockets for large storage & management for small items. Main multi carriage

With many hidden pockets can entertain lots of influential like college

Supplies, travel accessories, clothes, notebook, gadgets cable, Amazon Kindle

Devices etc.

  • Functional & Safety-Use

Water-resistant Surface-Protection-Technology, which protects the gadgets of

the backpack to keep from getting doused in a short time under light rain or

snow. In case of accidentally flowing coffee or juice on a backpack, just dry

it immediately, no smear is left on the surface, and the fluid is kept from

Penetrating the backpack, the laptop, textbooks, and clothes inside stay dry and


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