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MCD Kids Boxing Gloves
MCD Kids Boxing Gloves
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MCD Kids Boxing Gloves


ANATOMIC SHAPE: Made of premium synthetic leather, these MCD KIDS boxing gloves have a curved anatomic shape perfectly adapted for small hands. For the sake of comfort and safety, these children's boxing gloves consist of multi-density foam padding and a V-Fastening closure.

• VERSATILITY: Designed the perfect glove for youth and kids that are into serious training. These Kids Boxing Gloves can be used on focus pads, punch bags, or even while sparring. Its versatility matches its high-quality build.

• SHOCK ABSORBENT: Specially crafted for children, the MCD kid’s boxing gloves provide optimal shock absorption with high-density foam. Powered by internal multi-layered mold, which provides amazing protection to the hands.

• EASY VENTILATION: These boxing gloves have strategically placed holes in the thumb which allow easy ventilation and will keep the palm dry and stress-free. This enhanced technology wicks the moisture from the hands. A ventilation system coupled with an ergonomic cut provides comfort during a child's workouts.

• QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Designed to aid punching grip, technique, and form. With quality construction, these gloves will keep the child's hands safe while hitting bags and pads. Equipped with premium quality synthetic leather for extended durability and long life, the child will be able to rough these gloves up for a long time.

• 6 oz. Suitable for 6 to 10 years age

• 8 oz. Suitable for 11 to 15 years age


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