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MCD KR-1000 Curved Kick Shields
MCD KR-1000 Curved Kick Shields
MCD KR-1000 Curved Kick Shields
MCD KR-1000 Curved Kick Shields
MCD KR-1000 Curved Kick Shields
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MCD KR-1000 Curved Kick Shields


The KR-1000 Shield is built to last. The outmost layer of the KR-1000 shield is made of synthetic leather along with nylon and vinyl, which will protect it from the sun, rain, and wind. The KR-1000 Shield has thoughtfully sewn the grips on the shield with heavy-duty thread, this will prevent the seams from breaking as early as other strike shields. The KR-1000 Kickboxing Taekwondo Kick Pad Targets come with an extended handle that allows users to hold it at least five inches higher than what they would normally be able to. This allows for training where you can stretch further and improve your flexibility while toning and sculpting your muscles. The synthetic leather also has a bit of flexibility that gives a slight bounce back against the strikes that are being dealt with it. The insulation inside the KR-1000 shield is also made from a denser foam which allows it to absorb more of the impact. This will prevent injuries to whoever is holding it. This is beneficial as it allows the holder to find a stable stance to absorb the impact and they can improve their endurance. It also enables the person delivering the hits the flexibility of how long each series of hits will last before they need to stop and rearrange things. It's also lightweight for less trainer fatigue.

  • MCD represents an excellent KR-1000 Kick Shield for your straight line attacks such as knee strikes, elbows, and a variety of punches & Engineered with dominant material. It is exceedingly lightweight with solid inner padding which makes it less distasteful for the pad holder. The built quality is aesthetically amusing and combats breach, cracks, and tear for a significant interval of time. They are perfect for Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, BJJ, and more
  • KR-1000 Shield is accurately covered with a solid and opaque foam padding for maximum force consumption. Assisted foam padding can weather the punishment of ordinary use. It allows your trainee to kick out some heavy bumps with full confidence
  • MCD enhanced Quick-EZ hook and loop offer a comfortable assure fit. The long strap on the pad is constrained to remain impoverished while your trainer smashes it with every collision in the book.
  • KR-1000 is affected with strong reinforced stitching along the seams that assure it lasts the test of time. It further boosts strength and persistence while enduring shock and the toughest of brunt without getting broken aside.
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